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Cornmarket’s NPS

Net promoter score tells us how customers rate Cornmarket..

NPS is a highly regarded loyalty metric that companies use to collect the customer feedback they need to improve their customer service.

To do this, each month a randomly selected number of customers are surveyed and asked the ultimate question…

How likely is it that you would recommend Cornmarket to a friend or colleague?

730 customers surveyed so far in 2017.

Cornmarket 2016 Net Promoter score: 66

NPS, net promoter score

Customers rate their answers on a scale from 0 to 10.

The answers customers provided are classified as follows:

Detractors (0-6) Passives (7-8) Promoters (9-10) Net Promoter Score
6% 22% 72% 66
45 157 516


0-6 = Detractors – unhappy customers who can hurt your brand through negative word-of-mouth

7-8 = Passives – satisfied but indifferent customers who could be swayed by the competition

9-10 = Promoters – loyal customers who will keep buying and referring others

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