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Policies subject to acceptance criteria, terms, conditions and minimum premiums. Members’ Insurance Solutions is a trading brand of Cornmarket Insurance Services. Cornmarket Insurance Services is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (Reg No 308099).and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.* Average of 92% between three main affinity groups. Quote was in comparison to a quote that the customer had either sourced online, or a renewal quotation provided by another insurance provider. {97% of Truck/Bus Drivers who met acceptance criteria and received a new quote from Cornmarket in April 2017 found their insurance cost less (drivers all held a C,C+E, D or D+E licence and allowed Cornmarket to verify these details). 90% of TEACHER customers received a cheaper quote on new car insurance quotes given by Cornmarket Insurance Services to UK teachers in April 2017, for those who met acceptance criteria. 90% of members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists got a cheaper car insurance quote in April 2017.} For full terms and conditions see here:.