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Car Insurance for Teachers

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* Based on new car insurance quotes given by Cornmarket Insurance Services to UK teachers in April 2017, for those who met acceptance criteria.

Key Benefits

90% Renew*

Around 90% of Teachers renew* their Cornmarket policy.

Save £117

On average premium: Cornmarket £257
UK market £374**

You're Covered

if you need to use your car in connection with your job. We provide this for FREE, saving you $30 with our Comprehensive cover.

Free Courtesy Car

when your car's in for an approved repair, with our Comprehensive cover.

Zero Excess

if your vehicle is maliciously damaged whilst in the school grounds, saving you at least £100. Nor is your NCB affected.

We won' t share your details with any other party for marketing purposes. We will contact you with a competitive quote when your insurance is due.

Features of our Car Insurance

  • Around 90%* of Teachers renew their Cornmarket Policy.
  • Free additional Personal Accident, Personal Effects and Medical Expenses cover, on a Comprehensive policy.
  • In the event of an incident, if your personal possessions are lost or damaged we've extended the cover from £100 to £250 to replace them at no additional cost to you.
  • UK based claims handling specialists.
  • Dedicated experienced UK team of insurance advisors solely for Teachers.
  • Fancy a Trip Abroad? Why not take your car, as we've extended our Comprehensive insurance cover up to 180 days for free in any 12 month period.
  • Save £117 on average premium:Cornmarket £257 UK market £374**
  • In the event you need to drive someone else's vehicle e.g. At school, you automatically have Third Party cover to drive their vehicle.
  • For only £25 per annum there's a 24 hour service available to assist you if your car breaks down.This includes helping to get your car started at home.
  • You're welcome to pay up to 10 x instalment payments per annum. Charges apply.
  • We'll extend these privileges to your partner and continue to provide excellent deals after you've retired.
  • We do not share your details with any other company for marketing purposes.
  • By registering your details we're able to call you with a competitive quote when your insurance is due.
**Cornmarket Insurance Services average Teacher car insurance premium November 2014 year to date £257. ABI's motor insurance premium tracker published in Insurance Times 27/1/14 - during 2013 the average motor insurance policy £374. *Around 90% of our teacher customers renewed their car and home insurance in 2013.