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A 12-month guarantee on all building repairs completed by our approved tradesmen.

If the worst happens, your policy will cover the cost of a temporary home for you and your pets until your property is habitable again. You’ll also have outstanding cover to repair building damage caused to trace and access a leak.2

We cover up to £1,000,000 for buildings and £75,000 for contents, including up to £25,000 for high risk items and valuables.

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Up to £5,000 cover for tracing and accessing the source of a leak when buildings cover selected. 2


We provide Home Insurance for

Valued Groups

Do you want even bigger savings on your home insurance premium? That’s exactly what you get if you belong to one of our affinity groups.

These are niche, low-risk groups of householders who have access to our exclusive home insurance products.

We’ve tailored home insurance deals for teachers, professional truck and bus drivers, motorcyclists, EIS members and IAM members. Our statistics show that if you belong to one of these groups, you’re less likely to make a claim on your house insurance.

We reward you for that with great value insurance and benefits that are best suited to you. Choose the tab for your affinity group for more information.


Around 90% of teachers renewed their Cornmarket home insurance in 2014. The reasons for that are very simple.3

Our data shows that teachers are a low-risk group of people to insure. We believe you’re a responsible person and the figures support that. As a result, we can offer you as a teacher a very competitive home insurance quote.

We’ve been providing tailored home insurance to teachers since 1997. Get the savings you deserve on your home insurance premium.

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Truck & Bus Drivers

Do you find being on the road all day makes you appreciate coming home to your own bricks and mortar?

A lot of professional drivers tell us they feel that way. The value truck and bus drivers place on home is reflected in the fact that they are a low-risk group when it comes to home insurance.

If you’re a LGV or PCV driver, you’re entitled to great savings on your home insurance.

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Coach Drivers’ Club

As a Coach Drivers’ Club member you’re entitled to further savings on your home insurance and our dedicated and experienced local team look forward to giving you expert advice.

You’ll be pleased to know that your television and audio equipment are covered for accidental cover at no extra cost.

We’ll then be able to get back to you with a quote shortly before your insurance is due.

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There’s nothing quite like being exposed to the elements on your bike to make you appreciate having a roof over your head at the end of the day.

Our motorcyclist home insurance products provide great savings on buildings and contents insurance if you happen to be a biker in NI or the UK.

Have you got tools and bike kit stored at home? Get a policy that’s geared up for your needs.

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IAM Surety

We’re officially appointed by the Institute of Advanced Motorists to provide home insurance to members.

As an advanced motorist, you’re a responsible road user. Our statistics suggest that you’re also likely to be an equally responsible householder. That means you’re entitled to great value home insurance.

You’ll be looked after by our dedicated UK-based IAM team, which works exclusively with IAM members. They’ll help you to get the lowest possible premium.

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EIS Financial Services

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FOXY Lady Drivers Club


  • Burst pipe? Power outage? Other emergency? No problem, we will cover the professionals callout fee & parts up to £250.
  • Cover for tracing & accessing a leak including up to £5,000 to repair building damage caused to trace & access a leak.
  • Cover your television and audio equipment for accidental damage at no extra cost.
  • Theft of contents from Garage and outbuildings automatically included up to £3000.
  • Alternative accommodation costs for you and your pets up to £100,000: If disaster struck and your home was uninhabitable.

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Home insurance benefits applicable to RSA’s Clear Choice solely available from Cornmarket Insurance Services. All policies subject to acceptance criteria, terms, conditions and minimum premiums. 2Leak from household heating or water system that has caused an escape of water or oil. RSA up to £5000.3Around 90% of our teacher customers renewed their home insurance in 2014.