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7 best-roads for motorbikes

Nothing seems as tantalising as the wind against your face as you chase the endless bends and curves of an open road. Riding a motorbike is one of the most exhilarating ways to see the world. If you are a keen rider or just dream of the adventure, we have the ticket just for you: seven of the most spectacular roads for riding motorbikes in the world. Brace yourself, after this article you will have serious wanderlust.

1. Cat and Fiddle Run, England

The cat and fiddle road is situated between Buxton, Derbyshire, Macclesfield and Cheshire. The road is affectionately named after a pub of the same name that can be found at the summit. It is a beloved stretch of road showcasing some of Britain’s most spectacular views. Along the hair raising bends you can take in the vast scenery of the Greater Manchester conurbation, the peak district national park and Cheshire plain. It is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the UK, so if you are driving on the road exercise caution.

2. A2, the Antrim coast road, Northern Ireland

The route begins in County Down and extends throughout the north east of Northern Ireland. The coast road is 25 miles of stunning views. The building of the road began in the early 19th century to help improve access in rural Northern Ireland. Before the road was built, trade was often conducted through boats to and from Scotland as it was easier to sail the short distance across the North Channel. The main tourist attractions along the coast road include Dunluce castle, The Glens of Antrim, and Bushmills the original site of Bushmills Distillery.

Dunluce castle, coast road NI, coast road antrim

Dunluce Castle in County Antrim

3. Mont Ventoux to L’Alpe-d’Huez, France

Located in the mountainous region of Provence in southern France, Mont Ventoux is popular with cyclists and motorists alike. The route has been made famous through its uses in the Tour de France. The surrounding areas are popular ski destinations in the winter due to the Alpine Mountains. The route is made challenging by its steep climb and hairpin bends. The views are captivating and attract thousands of tourists annually.

4. Trollstigen, Norway

Much like Mount Ventoux, Trollstigen is renowned for its steep incline and tight ends. Located in the Rauma Municipality in Norway the road stretches across a serpentine mountain range. The bends are so narrow that many had to be widened to accommodate the high volumes of traffic. At peak season 2,500 cars pass daily. One of the biggest attractions is the Stigfossen waterfall. The fall can be viewed from several balconies on a 700m plateau and cark park.

5. Route 66 – The Mother Road

Route 66 is 3,939 km of American history. The road connects America’s Midwest to the West coast. The vast landscape is punctuated with small communities, truck stops and beautiful art deco signage. It is a once in a life time journey, that has been mythologised in TV and film. So much so that the mere mention of Route 66 signifies adventure, escapism and the American dream. The iconic stretch of road is ideal for motorbikes with flat horizons that have seemingly endless stretches.

Route 66, best roads to take your motorbike

6. Ruta 40 – The end of the world

Ruta 40 is an infamous road located in western Argentina. It is popular with adventurists as it is one of the longest roads in the world. It crosses 20 national parks, 18 major rivers, and reaches up to 5000 metres above sea level. The grand title of the end of the world stems from the dangerous surface of the road that was unpaved until recently. The road is so vast that often hundreds of miles pass without a place to refuel and stop. This is one for the ambitious and capable motorcyclist.

Ruta 40, best roads to motorbike

7. The South Island: Highway to Middle Earth

Calling all Lord of The Rings fans, this is the road trip for you. Since 2001, New Zealand has seen a boom of tourists seeking out middle earth. The hugely popular film franchise was filmed throughout New Zealand using many of the brutal and rugged landscapes as the perfect backdrop. There are many highways in New Zealand that are themed. Each one will lead you through specific geographical and cultural landmarks. Many of the road conditions vary and can be narrow, so plan ahead and be ready for all eventualities.

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Motocross – A Beginner’s Guide

Motocross, for those of you who don’t know, is a type of off-road motorcycling race. The races take place on gravel, mud or grass road circuits and the discipline is one of the most skilled, exciting and energetic motor sports around.


The genesis of motocross came in the UK in the early 1900s where Auto-Cycle Clubs would host time trials. These trials evolved into regular off-road events called ‘scrambles’. The first ever official scramble was held in Camberley, Surrey in 1924. From these humble beginnings the sport would develop over the coming decades.


As the sport grew in size and popularity, clubs and competitions emerged throughout Britain. Team events also became a regular feature of these events. One drawback, however, was that the bikes used in competition were almost identical to the ones used on the road.


Innovation was essential if the sport was to grow. Many technical challenges had to be faced as courses began to evolve in their complexity and difficulty. One of the major developments was the introduction of the swinging arm suspension which created bikes better adapted to the challenges of motocross racing.

Post World War 2 motorcycle manufacturing, vital to the war effort, became a vibrant industry as civilian demand exploded both in Europe and further afield. Bikes went from 50cc to 250cc engines in the 1950s and 60s, resulting in bikes that had greater agility and that were lighter and faster than their predecessors, all elements which were essential for motocross racing.

The Popularity Boom

In the 1970s the sport experienced a major boom in popularity thanks to the increased interest in the United States. This made for some exciting racing as international rivalries emerged. The first stadium motocross race took place in Los Angeles Coliseum. In 1975 the 125cc World Championship was introduced but it was the 1980s before the U.S. began winning international competitions.

The 1980s heralded a second wave of engineering innovation. This included the development of water-cooled machines and rear mono-shock suspension. This was followed in the 1990s with a shift in production standards and environmental considerations.


Motocross is thriving with exciting sponsorship deals bringing big prize money to races and new off-shoots of the original racing concepts. Freestyle, Supercross, Big Air and Supermoto are hugely popular formats where drivers show off their skills by performing jumps and stunts.


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Statement – 21 April 2017

Following a strategic review, the underwriter of Cornmarket Insurance Services’ motorcycle insurance scheme has decided to withdraw from the motorcycle insurance market in the Republic of Ireland. As a consequence, from 1st July 2017, Cornmarket Insurance Services will no longer be in a position to offer new motorcycle insurance policies in the Republic of Ireland.

However, customers who currently have a motorcycle insurance policy through Cornmarket Insurance Services will be covered until their next renewal date.

To ensure that the insurance needs of our valued customers continue to be met after this date, Cornmarket Insurance Services has searched the market for a partner who can provide specialist bike insurance expertise at a competitive price. On this basis, Cornmarket Insurance Services has selected Carole Nash, one of the country’s most experienced motorcycle insurance brokers to provide customers with a new quote at next renewal date. Carole Nash has operated from its Dublin office since 1999 and is a proud supporter of the biking community.

Cornmarket Insurance Services has written to a number of customers who are due for renewal shortly, advising them of this change. All of Cornmarket’s motorcycle insurance customers in the Republic of Ireland will receive a communication either by post or email in the coming weeks.

This change does not affect any other aspect of Cornmarket’s business in either the UK or the Republic of Ireland.
We would like to assure our customers that there is no change to existing policies, up until next renewal date.
If you have any queries, please contact Cornmarket Insurance Services on 048 90442200 or email us on bikes@cornmarketinsurance.co.uk

We have put together a list below to answer some of the questions our customers may have.
Q: I currently have a motorcycle insurance policy with Cornmarket Insurance Services. What does this mean for me?
A: The most important thing to know is that there is no change to your existing policy. You will continue to be insured through Cornmarket Insurance Services until your next renewal date. Before your next renewal date, Carole Nash will contact you with a new quote.

Q: As an existing customer of Cornmarket Insurance Services, what do I need to do next?
A: If you are happy for Carole Nash to offer you a quotation at renewal, you don’t need to do anything. Cornmarket Insurance Services has made arrangements to ensure that you will receive a quotation from Carole Nash in advance of your next renewal date. Until that date, you will still be insured through Cornmarket Insurance Services.

Q: How will I continue to pay for my policy?
A: In terms of payment for your existing policy, nothing changes until your next renewal date. Carole Nash will contact you before your next renewal date with a quotation. If you are happy with the premium, you will need to contact them to accept the quote and make arrangements for payment.

Q: I have an outstanding claim, who do I need to contact?
A: Cornmarket Insurance Services remains your insurance broker until your next renewal date so any ongoing claims will continue to be dealt with by Cornmarket Insurance Services.

Q: What if I want to make a change to my existing policy?
A: If you want to make a change to your existing policy prior to your renewal date you should contact Cornmarket Insurance Services as usual on 048 9044 2200. However, if you wish to make a change effective on, or after your renewal date, you will need to contact Carole Nash. Contact details will be included in the information pack you receive from them.

Q: If I need to report a new claim, who do I contact?
A: If the accident occurs prior to the renewal date of your policy, you should report your claim to Cornmarket Insurance Services on 048 9044 2200. Lines are open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, from 10.00am to 5.00pm on Friday and from 9am to 12.30pm on Saturday. If the accident/claim occurs after your policy renewal date, you should report it to Carole Nash or your chosen new insurer or broker.

Q: Will you share my data with Carole Nash?
A: Yes. Details of your current motorcycle insurance policy will be sent to Carole Nash, purely for the purpose of providing you with a quote. Carole Nash may contact you about this quotation by phone or in writing. If you do not wish to have your details shared with Carole Nash, please contact Cornmarket Insurance Services. However, it is important to note that if you request that your policy details are not shared, responsibility lies with you to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover in place with effect from your renewal date.

Q: How will my new policy be affected by this change?
A: Before your next renewal date, a policy summary will be provided by Carole Nash as part of your quotation pack. Cornmarket Insurance Services has selected Carole Nash as they are an experienced motorcycle insurance broker and can offer you a great package at a competitive price.

Shaun McElhinney

Congratulations to Motorbike Renewals Team Leader Shaun McElhinney for winning the CIS brand ambassador award

Shaun, pictured above with Stephen Neeson from Motorbikes New Business, has been specialising in Motorbike Insurance for 9 years and is currently working towards the completion of his ILM Leadership Level 5 course. Shaun joined Cornmarket Belfast in 2007 and has been selected as brand ambassador for his excellent customer service skills, his leadership skills and his enthusiasm. Shaun always displays a positive attitude to work and an excellent team spirit.

Congratulations to Shaun for actively promoting the 3 elements of the CIS Brand; Service, Integrity and Value.

“I am pleased to receive this award, and I appreciate the recognition Cornmarket Insurance has provided in giving me this award.”

Paul Cochrane, Frank Mitchell, UTV, IAM

The “Business Award” in the first Northern Ireland Road Safety Awards was won by Cornmarket Insurance Services!

The awards took place on Friday 27 November 2015 at Cultra Manor which is located at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Belfast and were supported by the the Road Safety Council NI and sponsored by accident management specialist, CRASH Services.

Cornmarket road safety initiative - the Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists group who train motorcyclists to become IAM Advanced Riders

A total of 25 awards were presented across 10 categories and winners consisted of individuals and groups from the business, voluntary, education, emergency service and public sectors.


Cornmarket were recognised for incentivising motorcyclists and drivers to do additional driver training by rewarding them with a motorcycle or car insurance discount if they successfully completed a BikeSafe assessment or an IAM Advanced riding or driving test.


  • Find out more about BikeSafe by visiting bikesafe.co.uk or www.bikesafe.ie
  • Find out more about the Advanced Drivin/Riding test by visiting iam.org.uk
  • If you’re a motorcyclist from Northern Ireland, find out more about the IAM Advanced Riding Test by emailing the Cornmarket Advanced Motorcyclists group aam@adelaideinsurance.com or call 028 9044 2200.
  • If you’re already an IAM advanced Rider or Driver, see how much you can save on your car or bike insurance by getting a quote here from IAM Surety
  • If you’ve had a successful BikeSafe assessment, register for a quote with Cornmarket Insurance Services and we’ll get back to you with a quote shortly before your insurance is due.

Daylight Savings, DST, Road Safety

In the first of a series of blogs on road safety and schools, we examine the debate around daylight savings time. It enables school children to go to and from school in natural light but in a wider context do the cons outweigh the pros?

The School Commute

According to the Journal of Safety Research, studies have shown that the autumn change can have a pronounced positive effect on vehicle crashes (in the US for example -). But one of the most important factors is that it allows school children to travel to and from school in natural light. This is a very important and positive aspect of daylight savings – protecting road users – but many commentators note that the DST debate isn’t this simple.
With the most of the Northern Hemisphere now nearly three weeks into autumn Daylight Savings we take a quick look at some of the more nuanced aspects of the DST argument.

The history of DST

DST was first introduced by Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1916, in the midst of the First World War. This means we are approaching one century of the practice. The UK first adopted the practice during World War II.

Energy Conservation

Most countries who eventually adopted the practice, like the UK, did so for energy conservation purposes, although many studies now suggest that ceasing the bi-annual time adjustment would save at least 500,000 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.


It can also be disruptive to our sleep patterns, throwing our daily routines into disarray and at times it is just downright confusing for people and our devices. As recently as 2013, a bug on some phones lead to numerous missed appointments and late appearances to work and school!
It makes it more difficult for the majority of workers, who keep regular working hours, to partake in outdoor pursuits after work in natural light. In other words it doesn’t do much for our motivation to exercise in the evenings.

Tourism and Retail

Other sectors who have questioned the merits of DST are the tourism and retail sectors. Both point to the benefits that an extra hour in the evening could have on tourist activity as well as retail activity in the autumn and winter months.

Public Opinion

Indeed a recent Telegraph poll revealed that 57% of people would like to do away with daylight savings altogether. And this is not unique to Britain – countries all over the world are having their own debates on the issue.
What are your views on Daylight Savings Time and how does it affect your life?

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5. Daily Telegraph – http://bit.ly/1GHmLfk

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Good news for motorbike racing enthusiasts!

If you missed the racing from the first rounds of the Adelaide Masters Series on 12 April

at Mondello Park International Racing Circuit, in the Republic of Ireland here’s your chance to catch up on all

the action! The footage from all the races can be viewed at the livestreaming website



To see all the results please click here: www.adelaidemasters.ie


Planning to get your motorbike on the road this season?

Then why not contact event sponsor, Adelaide Motorbike Insurance for a competitive motorbike insurance quote?

Register for a quote and you’ll have a chance to WIN £/€500 to spend on biking gear.


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Cornmarket Motorbike Awards Belfast, Josh Elliot, Joey Dunlop Trophy

Cornmarket Awards, Cornmarket motorbike awards


Northern Ireland’s newest motorcycling champions, Josh Elliott and Curtis Trimble, have launched the search for Ireland’s top bike racers of 2015. The winners will be revealed at the new look Cornmarket Motorbike Awards in Belfast on January 29th 2016.

Elliott, who clinched the prestigious British Superstock title this season said: “This is undoubtedly the biggest night of the year for our sport and to have riders from every discipline gather underneath one roof makes it a very special occasion. It’s amazing to see the famous names on the main trophy and I hope one day mine can be added to the roll of honour.”

Trimble, aged just 12, was recently crowned the Ulster and Irish motocross champion after a remarkable season. He won all 19 races to land the national title, and won the provincial crown on a thrilling last day of the season.

Once again organisers have teamed up with the Enkalon Motorcycle Club, which means the overall champion will be presented with the iconic Joey Dunlop trophy in the shape of the legend’s iconic yellow Arai helmet, won last season by Michael Dunlop. The favourite to land the biggest prize in Irish motorcycling this time is Jonathan Rea, who won the World Superbike title in record breaking fashion this year.

This prestigious event, formerly known as the Adelaide Motorbike Awards, has a new name with Cornmarket Insurance Services proud to be the title sponsor. Sam Geddis, Managing Director said:

“As the chequered flag comes down on another fantastic motorcycle season during which local riders have yet again excelled on the world and home scenes, we are thrilled to be supporting the awards once again.

“Although we are changing our name from Adelaide to Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance, its essentially the same people delivering the same excellent service which I am proud to say got us voted into first place by Auto Express readers as the UK’s best insurance provider for 2015”

“We’ve been part of the Cornmarket group since 1996 and adopted our parent company name last year for all other divisions of our business and have now decided it’s time to bring the bike insurance division into line.”

The Cornmarket Irish Motorcyclist of the Year, in association with Enkalon, is the longest standing motorcycle accolade and voted for by the public. Club Chairman David Weir is delighted to join forces once again with event organisers. He said:

“The Enkalon Trophy was first presented back in 1978 to Tom Herron, and since then there has been an illustrious roll of honour with winners like World Champions Joey Dunlop and Brian Reid, as well as Phillip McCallen, Jeremy McWilliams and Robert Dunlop to name but a few. We are thrilled to again renew our partnership which has made it possible for our awards to be showcased at this very prestigious event.”

In all more than a dozen awards, decided by a public vote and expert panel of judges chaired by former British Champion Adrian Coates, will be presented. The black tie event will welcome some of the biggest names in the sport, and will once again be hosted by BBC’s Stephen Watson and Jackie Fullerton. Details of how to vote will be announced in November.

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets can phone 07584 058810.
Details are also on Twitter @BikeAwards.

Step out in the latest motorbike gear by registering for a competitive motorcycle insurance quote, you could WIN £/€500 worth of motorbike gear compliments of Cornmarket!
Competition closes 31 Dec 2015. Winner contacted by phone in January 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

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Adelaide Motorbike Insurance

Adelaide Motorbike Insurance is changing its name to Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance.

Adelaide Motorbike Insurance is only changing its name to Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance, so it’ll keep on not only providing great value insurance for bikers, but making their lives even safer on the road.

Adelaide Motorbike Insurance is only changing its name to Cornmarket Motorbike Insurance, so it’ll keep on not only providing great value insurance for bikers, but making their lives even safer on the road.

Same People, Same Service, Greater Opportunities

And in the meantime, he’s also said farewell to the Belfast company’s 14-year sponsorship of the annual Northern Ireland Motorcycle Festival and four-year backing of the Adelaide Masters, Ireland’s biggest motorcycle racing championship, although he’ll still back the Cornmarket Motorbike Awards.


Why the change?

Because Adelaide’s been part of the Cornmarket group since 1996, adopted the name of its parent company last year, and Managing Director Sam Geddis, who founded Adelaide in 1991, decided it was time to bring the bike insurance division into line.

Instead, money will be ploughed into helping bikers become safer riders: an ethos which dates back to the early Nineties, when Sam took his IAM test and began backing BikeSafe, the motorbike safety initiative organised by the Police Service.

That IAM link culminated 10 years ago with Adelaide founding IAM Surety, the official IAM insurance company, voted the nation’s top car insurance company this year by the 60,000 readers of Auto Express, Britain’s biggest selling motoring magazine.

cornmarket 2_01

Since the beginning we’ve always been concerned with motorcycling safety, and that’s where we’ll be focussing our time and efforts,” said Sam.

“We’ll be able to get that road safety message across to bikers nationwide much better by using the internet, social media and the like than by being the main sponsor of a small number of local events.

“And it’ll be year round, as opposed to the motorcycle show, which lasts three days, and the Masters series, which lasted for half a dozen events

If you’d like to contact us about your motorbike insurance please call 028 9044 2200 or email bikes@cornmarketinsurance.co.uk

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