Best Roads for Riding Motorbikes in the World

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Nothing seems as tantalising as the wind against your face as you chase the endless bends and curves of an open road. Riding a motorbike is one of the most exhilarating ways to see the world. If you are a keen rider or just dream of the adventure, we have the ticket just for you: seven of the most spectacular roads for riding motorbikes in the world. Brace yourself, after this article you will have serious wanderlust.

1. Cat and Fiddle Run, England
The cat and fiddle road is situated between Buxton, Derbyshire, Macclesfield and Cheshire. The road is affectionately named after a pub of the same name that can be found at the summit. It is a beloved stretch of road showcasing some of Britain’s most spectacular views. Along the hair raising bends you can take in the vast scenery of the Greater Manchester conurbation, the peak district national park and Cheshire plain. It is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the UK, so if you are driving on the road exercise caution.
2. A2, the Antrim coast road, Northern Ireland
The route begins in County Down and extends throughout the north east of Northern Ireland. The coast road is 25 miles of stunning views. The building of the road began in the early 19th century to help improve access in rural Northern Ireland. Before the road was built, trade was often conducted through boats to and from Scotland as it was easier to sail the short distance across the North Channel. The main tourist attractions along the coast road include Dunluce castle, The Glens of Antrim, and Bushmills the original site of Bushmills Distillery.
3. Mont Ventoux to L’Alpe-d’Huez, France
Located in the mountainous region of Provence in southern France, Mont Ventoux is popular with cyclists and motorists alike. The route has been made famous through its uses in the Tour de France. The surrounding areas are popular ski destinations in the winter due to the Alpine Mountains. The route is made challenging by its steep climb and hairpin bends. The views are captivating and attract thousands of tourists annually.
4. Trollstigen, Norway
Much like Mount Ventoux, Trollstigen is renowned for its steep incline and tight ends. Located in the Rauma Municipality in Norway the road stretches across a serpentine mountain range. The bends are so narrow that many had to be widened to accommodate the high volumes of traffic. At peak season 2,500 cars pass daily. One of the biggest attractions is the Stigfossen waterfall. The fall can be viewed from several balconies on a 700m plateau and cark park.
5. Route 66 – The Mother Road
Route 66 is 3,939 km of American history. The road connects America’s Midwest to the West coast. The vast landscape is punctuated with small communities, truck stops and beautiful art deco signage. It is a once in a life time journey, that has been mythologised in TV and film. So much so that the mere mention of Route 66 signifies adventure, escapism and the American dream. The iconic stretch of road is ideal for motorbikes with flat horizons that have seemingly endless stretches.

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