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We’ve been providing insurance for more than 20 years, so we’ve established that often it is the same questions that crop up time and time again. If you’ve got a question, the answer might be here.
If it isn’t, feel free to get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help you.

Common FAQ’s

Please call our customer service line 028 90 44 22 00, select department you belong to then select option 4 then option 2. This will transfer you to our claims department Plantec; they will take the notification and talk you through the process.
Most insurers will cover this subject to criteria. To check if you are covered for this please check your motor insurance certificate. If you have any further questions on what is covered please call our customer service team on 028 90 44 22 00.
If the family member/friend is stated on your insurance certificate they are allowed to drive your car comprehensively. If they are not they wouldn’t be able to drive your car unless they have some sort of extension on their own insurance to drive other cars.
You can either call our customer service line on 028 90 44 22 00 or email us at
To make any change to your policy please call our customer service line on 028 90 44 22 00.
If you want to bring down the price of your annual motor premium here are some things you should consider: Increase your voluntary excess – Agree to increase the amount that you are willing to pay in the event of a claim for a discount on your premium. Remember, in a non-fault claim you may recover your excess via your legal assistance. Change your vehicle – The engine size (cc), value and type all make a difference. Generally, smaller engines and cheaper cars generate lower premiums Improve security – An alarm, immobiliser or tracker fitted to your vehicle can generate premium discounts. Park safely overnight – Parking in a garage can reduce your insurance. If you have a driveway, let us know. Off-road parking, such as communal parking areas, must be treated as “road”. Limit additional drivers – Only add drivers who use your vehicle regularly.
Your policy can begin up to 30 days after you have paid your initial deposit. Under no circumstances can insurance cover be backdated.
A fault claim is any claim resulting in your own insurer being liable (paying for the claim). For example, a theft claim is a fault claim. Even though you may not be to blame, your own insurer would be liable because there is no other party to recover the costs from. If your insurer pays for your damages in a claim where a third party is to blame, but then re-coups all their costs via the third party’s insurer, that is a non-fault claim because your insurer was not liable (recovered their costs for the claim).
If you have full NCB, you may be able to add protected no claims bonus which allows claims against your own policy without losing your NCB. Please check your policy wording for full details.
This is the first part of each and every claim which you (not your insurer) must pay. There are two types of excess: Compulsory excess: This has been applied as a requirement by your insurer and will vary according to your personal circumstances and the terms of cover provided. A compulsory excess may be required if you drive a particular vehicle or you have inexperienced drivers on your policy. There is also a compulsory excess for fire, theft or windscreen claims. Voluntary excess: This will apply where you agree to pay a greater part of each claim, in addition to your compulsory excess. A voluntary excess can be increased or decreased at your request and it will usually affect your premium.
Yes, you must tell your insurer of any incident the insured vehicle is involved in, so that your file is always fully updated, even if no claim is to be made.
Having motor legal assistance could save you a pretty penny if you are involved in a motoring accident and need to make a claim, or if another driver makes a claim against you. It can pay for legal fees such as solicitors’ costs, as well as compensating for lost earnings and even the excess you have to pay under your car insurance policy.
Yes, if you have comprehensive cover, your insurer will either repair your car or settle your claim as set out in the terms and conditions of your policy. If the driver is unknown or uninsured there is no third party to claim off.  This is deemed by the insurer as a ‘fault’ incident and may affect your No Claims Discount. If you have third party, fire and theft cover, you are not insured for this type of accident.
Yes, if you have a Comprehensive policy and use the policy’s approved repairer. In most cases if the windscreen can be repaired, there’s no cost to you.
Please call our customer service line 028 90 44 22 00, select the department you belong to then select option 4 and option 1. This will transfer you to our customer service team at Cornmarket then will check who you are insured with and pass you to the approved repairer.
We're sorry you're not happy with our service. Sometimes we make mistakes.

Please get in touch with us by calling 028 9044 2200 or use our Get in Touch form and we'll be in touch. If your complaint hasn't been resolved within 24 hours, we'll investigate and write to you within 5 working days - keeping you informed with regular updates.

EU's Online Dispute Resolution
Is your complaint is about a product purchased online? If so, you can contact the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman or you can submit your complaint to the European Union's Online Dispute Resolution platform here.

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"The service was excellent - it was friendly, explained in detail, professional and not pushy. Stephen was a lovely person to talk to."

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Mr R Kitcher, June 2019

IAM RoadSmart

"The advisers are real people:- easy to talk to, well informed and helpful. They are what make the difference for me."

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