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Cornmarket. Insurance that’s tailored to you

We specialise in insurance policies that are personalised to you. We do that by grouping you together with others. It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? But by creating insurance products aimed at a niche market that you belong to, we can ensure you get:

• Lower premiums

• Enhanced features and benefits

• Policies that are tailored to you

It’s no use trying to be all things to all people – we’d rather be an exceptional insurance broker to you.

That’s why we focus on providing exceptional service to groups of people we know we can help to get better deals on their car, motorbike, home and travel insurance.

We build personal insurance products that are tailored to customers that we know and trust, such as members of the IAM RoadSmart, professional truck and bus drivers, teachers, and motorcyclists.

By creating what we term affinity groups, we can ensure that each individual within that group gets a better deal. So, when you insure through us you get a policy, premium and perks that are best suited to you.