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Values & Ethos

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide you with expert advice, superior service and insurance products that represent excellent value for money.

Our Core Values

  • Providing expert advice with integrity.
  • Always putting your needs as our top priority.
  • Delivering a superior service.
  • Offering car, home, motorbike and travel insurance products that give you excellent value for money.


Advice with integrity

We always do what’s right for you by providing expert advice that you can trust. Our team will give you advice in an honest and open manner.

We will only recommend insurance products that are in your best interests.

You’re our top priority

We pride ourselves on being advice-driven, not sales driven. That means we focus on putting your needs above making a quick profit.

This approach helps us to build lasting relationships with our customers, so everyone benefits.

Exceptional service

We focus on providing exceptional service to groups of people we know we can help to get better deals on their car, motorbike, home and travel insurance.

We constantly monitor and review our service through our compliance department to ensure we are consistently improving, so that the service you receive is shaped by your needs and goes above and beyond your expectations.

Excellent value for money

We canvas the marketplace in order to find the most competitive financial packages for you. Using strength in numbers, we create products for our affinity groups that ensure great value for money for everyone and benefits that are tailored to you.

Authorisation and regulation

Cornmarket Insurance Services Limited is an Insurance Intermediary. As well as advising you on insurance products most suitable for your needs, we will also assist you with any ongoing changes you have to make.

We can offer products from a wide range of insurers and will act on your behalf. For Car insurance, we can select from over 10 insurers; for Motorbike insurance we can select from over 4 insurers; for Property / Home insurance we can select from over 5 insurers; for Travel, Van insurance and Motor Breakdown Assistance, we deal mainly with 1 provider for each.

Cornmarket Insurance Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.