Our car insurance policies include FREE legal cover as standard to IAM Fellows.
Yes, your spouse / partner can also avail of the same great discounts which you enjoy as an IAM Member,  just have them call our offices and tell them to make sure to tell our agent that they are the spouse / partner of an IAM RoadSmart Member.
Free Observing Cover is included as standard for observers using their own motorcycle to observe Associates, at no additional cost (subject to acceptance criteria)
Every renewal invitation that we process compares the incumbent insurer’s renewal quotation with new business prices on our panel – where we find a more competitive quotation we offer this to the customer alongside their incumbent insurer’s price. In order to be able to pre-emptively price match we would need to review multiple online aggregators for each customer due for renewal but we can’t obtain a quote with a third party insurer or aggregator in a customer’s name due to obvious data protection conflicts.  Even if we were to do this, there is no guarantee that we would obtain a more competitive price in each case than we can obtain using our existing process. By adopting a flexible, reactive model - through which we invite renewal early, encourage the customer to compare our price, follow-up in good time to discuss our quote and position against others in the market and then review our price where necessary – we’re keeping the door open to those thousands of customers who are delighted with our service and pleased to continue their relationship with us but who feel they have found a more competitive offer elsewhere.

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